5 Ways To Wear A Peplum Top

Posted: Aug 18 2013


It seems that pairing peplum dresses and skirts is pretty obvious but pairing peplum tops are a little bit tricky. Even though there is no exact formula, principle or how-to in fashion, as we have observed, some pairings do lead to flattering results but some do not. However, if you apply the DO's and DON'Ts below you will be safe.


    • Do pair with slim fit trousers or skirt, such as skinny pants or a pencil skirt. For trousers, choose ones that are not too tight or body-squeezing. 
    • Do mix with a flared mini skirt if you have petite postures, or an above the knee length one if you have ideal to tall postures.
    • Do try before buying because it comes with different types and sizes of waist cutting and flares that may fits differently to different person. Check some tips from matchurself.com about working out peplum with your body types.
    • Do make sure that the peplum's lower line is laid just around your hip or slightly below, unless you want to emphasize your hourglass shape.
    • Do wear one size bigger if your regular size squeezes your body. Your purpose of wearing peplum is to look slimmer on the waist, but wearing a very tight one will trigger-off all day long tummy holding which is painful.
    • Do choose ones that have lower necklines, or a tube peplum, if you want to look slimmer around your chests.


  • Do not wear it with tight shorts or bermudas. It more often than not turns out not as pretty as when it paired with a skirt or long pants. Exceptions are for peplum tubes. 
  1. Do not pair with palazzos or wide-length pants unless you have an exceptional or model look alike postures.
  2. Do not mix with boyish shoes or sandals. Stick with lady-like shoes such as pumps, stilletos and other heels. Exception applies if you wear skirted or casual peplums, such as those made from 100% cotton.
  3. Do not put on an over-sized belt. Wear a thin belt in contrasting colors or metals that aimed only to accentuate your look. A large belt creates more horizontal line that consequently makes you look shorter which the peplum already does.

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