Too Hot To Handle!

Posted: Aug 06 2013

Just when we thought our 'Sexy Floral Suspender Shorts' couldn't possibly get any more fly, this beautiful model wore them in a recent photoshoot. The images were TOO HOT TO HANDLE, which made the "censored" strip across her chest mandatory! These shorts can be rocked in so many ways, such as the topless hotness style in these pics to how I personally like to rock them; with a plain white tank top and complimenting pumps. 

Photographer: Stephen Garnett
Wardrobe: Fashkilla
Location: West Hollywood, California

Model is 5'11 and wearing size medium. 

About the shorts:  The love for floral and suspenders combine to create this amazing item! These flower print high-waist shorts have stylish gold trim with detachable suspenders that insert into gold trimmed holes. Front zipper, stretchy.